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What Causes Thirst—And Does It Imply Dehydration?

What Causes Thirst—And Does It Imply Dehydration?


Have you ever puzzled in case your thirst is a assured signal that you simply waited too lengthy to drink water? And even should you do sip sufficient H2O on the each day, what different components could contribute to dehydration?

Preserve studying for solutions to concurrently quench your curiosity and your thirst, based on an integrative medical physician and a dietitian.

What causes thirst?

Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD, CLEC, CPT, notes that feeling thirsty most frequently signifies that your physique wants fluids. Nonetheless, it will also be a response to consuming salty meals or being in larger altitudes, like if you’re within the mountains or on a airplane. In different circumstances “You may additionally be managing diabetes and have excessive blood sugar, have hyperthyroidism, or are taking sure drugs that trigger you to really feel thirsty,” she explains.

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  • Dana Cohen, MD, For over 20 years, Dr. Dana Cohen has been on the vanguard of integrative and useful drugs, guiding 1000’s of sufferers via protocols that provoke mobile restore and restore steadiness to the physique. Her unyielding devotion to her sufferers…
  • Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD, registered dietitian and prenatal and postnatal well being skilled

It’s no shock that thirst and dehydration usually go hand in hand—but the previous is just one symptom of many. Extra indicators of dehydration embrace “dizziness, weak point, fatigue, headache, dry pores and skin, dry mouth, fatigue, and amber-colored or concentrated urine or much less urine output,” shares Dana Cohen, MD, a medical advisor for Treatment Hydration.

Does consuming extra water assure that you simply’ll quench your thirst?

Medical issues apart, if you really feel thirsty, there’s a good probability that you simply waited too lengthy to drink water. However greater than that, thirst is a approach your physique’s letting you recognize that it must be replenished on the mobile stage. “Hydration means you will have sufficient water inside your cells in order that they perform correctly. It additionally signifies that your physique is in homeostasis [with] your mineral, vitamin, and water ranges balanced,” Dr. Cohen says. When your cells aren’t adequately hydrated, you’re extra more likely to really feel the consequences of dehydration, together with however not restricted to thirst.

Medical issues apart, if you really feel thirsty, there’s a good probability that you simply waited too lengthy to drink water. However greater than that, thirst is a approach your physique’s letting you recognize that it must be replenished on the mobile stage.

Nonetheless, Dr. Cohen proceeds to say that plain H2O could not at all times be ample by itself to fight dehydration. “All of it relies on how the water you are consuming is being absorbed and the way it will get into your cells,” she explains.

Additionally, consuming an excessive amount of water has the potential to set off undesirable negative effects. “This sounds counterintuitive, however should you drink plain water all day, you truly threat dropping electrolytes, as you are flushing them out with out changing them,” Dr. Cohen continues. After all, this isn’t to say that you need to skip or drastically restrict your H2O consumption, however slightly combine simpler hydration habits into your routine.

Tips on how to get forward of dehydration earlier than thirst kicks in

1. Refill on water all through the day

I repeat: don’t skip water, particularly should you don’t attain the really helpful complete water consumption of 2.7 (girls) to three.7 liters (males) each day. Whereas most drinks and meals depend in the direction of this quota—which varies with components like ranges of bodily exercise, local weather, and medical issues—H2O ought to comprise a large portion.

Intention to drink up intermittently from morning via evening, slightly than chugging solely when you’re parched. On the identical time, don’t stress should you’re already thirsty by the point you begin to sip. As a substitute, attempt to make water accessible and handy. “Beginning your day with water and carrying a water bottle with you may allow you to drink all through the day,” says Manaker. One other useful hack: Should you drink espresso each morning, attempt to make it a behavior to down a glass of H2O earlier than you caffeinate. Doing so gained’t solely allow you to sip extra fluids with ease, but additionally replenish the water you lose whereas sleeping.

2. Take pleasure in hydrating meals

Manaker calls out cucumber and watermelon as two of her go-to hydrating meals, although you may select your personal journey so far as snacking goes. As well as, think about leaning on hydrating meals with the likes of these gut-friendly soup recipes.

3. Examine your urine to get forward of thirst

As a substitute of ready to thirst to set in, Dr. Cohen suggests preserving a watchful eye on the frequency and coloration of your pee. She says it’s an effective way to measure your hydration ranges (save for when sure objects like asparagus, beets, B-vitamins, and drugs can trigger discoloration). “It’s best to pee each two to a few waking hours. Should you’re not, you are in all probability dehydrated,” she explains. “The colour of your urine can be a very good indicator. We would like our urine to be straw coloured: not too darkish brown or orange, but additionally not crystal clear.”

The previous can point out that you simply’re dehydrated, whereas the latter can clue you into the truth that you’re overhydrating.

4. Restore hydration with electrolytes

Lastly, chances are you’ll wish to think about combating thirst with electrolytes. “To get forward of dehydration, drink a science-backed, no-sugar-added electrolyte like Treatment to replenish important minerals like potassium, glucose, and sodium that you could be be inadvertently flushing out of your system if you drink plain water,” Dr. Cohen suggests. The model’s electrolyte packets depend on the World Well being Group’s Oral Rehydration Answer (ORS), a components “that pulls these important electrolytes immediately into your bloodstream via osmosis.” She provides that one packet blended in a glass of water is the equal of consuming two or three glasses of pure H2O, however even higher because it’ll hydrate your cells extra successfully. “From a scientific standpoint, this is a crucial distinction,” she concludes.


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