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Canadians: Assist Get Merciless Glue Traps Banned!

Glue traps trigger animals to undergo immensely. These units—small boards coated with a sticky adhesive—are designed to ensnare any animal who wanders throughout their floor. Mice, rats, birds, chipmunks, bats, lizards, squirrels, and every other animals sufficiently small to get caught on them can take days to die of hunger, dehydration, or blood loss, whereas they cry out in agony.

Animals trapped within the glue panic and wrestle, which causes them to grow to be much more ensnared. Usually, the glue tears off patches of their fur, feathers, or pores and skin—and a few animals even chew off their very own limbs in a determined effort to flee. In different circumstances, their noses, mouths, or beaks get caught within the glue, inflicting them to suffocate to loss of life over the course of hours. Or they die from being crushed within the rubbish, which is the place the directions on glue traps advise shoppers to place them.

We now have a chance to assist stop small animals from being injured, completely disabled, or killed by these merciless units. Petition e-4596 would ban the use and sale of glue traps in Canada, permitting the nation to hitch an ever-growing listing of locations—together with England, Iceland, Eire, New Zealand, Wales, two states and one territory in Australia, and almost 30 states and union territories in India—which have already banned them. Please click on the button under to signal the petition earlier than January 25.

Assist Forestall Wildlife From Being Killed by Glue Traps

After signing the petition, please share this alert with different residents of Canada and ask them to hitch you in talking up for small, susceptible animals!

Do Extra for Small Animals

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