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Winter care on your canine’s paws and pores and skin

right here isn’t any denying that winters in Canada may be harsh for each you and your furry mates. For canines, publicity to the chilly air and snow could cause dry, itchy pores and skin, cracked paws or discomfort throughout canine walks. Further care ought to be taken to make sure paws are stored clear from ice-melting chemical compounds, which may be dangerous if left on the pores and skin or ingested. 

Fortunately there are a couple of merchandise, in addition to steps you’ll be able to take to offer care and aid on your pup’s irritated paws and pores and skin this winter. 

Winter grooming 

In case your canine has lengthy hair, trim the hair between the paw pads and across the paws. This  will assist stop painful ice balls from forming in your canine’s paws, cut back the quantity of highway salt and de-icing chemical compounds which might be picked up, and make it simpler so that you can clear and apply moisturizing balm to your canine’s paws after your walks. 

Don’t overlook to maintain your canine’s nails trimmed all 12 months spherical, together with the winter. Lengthy nails are inclined to splay your canine’s paws whereas strolling, making it simpler for irritants to get between paw pads. 

As on your canine’s pores and skin, brushing your canine’s coat regularly will assist eliminate useless hair, distribute pure oils all through the coat, and assist invigorate the pores and skin. 

Preserve paws clear 

Completely wash and dry your canine’s paws after happening a stroll, together with  the realm between their toes. This removes any de-icing chemical compounds which may be in your canine’s paws. Use this chance to examine their paws for any cracks or redness. As soon as the paw is clear, you’ll be able to apply a paw balm or petroleum jelly to sooth any irritation or deal with dryness. Keep away from utilizing moisturizers made for people, since this could soften paws and go away them weak to damage. 


Being uncovered to chilly, moist climate adopted by heat, dry air inside your own home could cause your canine to develop itchy, flakey pores and skin. If dry pores and skin is an issue together with your canine, contemplate getting a humidifier to manage the humidity in your own home. 

Fewer baths 

Whereas it’s vital to maintain your canine’s toes clear, attempt to keep away from bathing them too typically within the winter. Frequent washing removes important oils, which might dry out your canine’s pores and skin. If you happen to should wash your canine within the winter months, ask your vet for suggestions on a mild moisturizing shampoo. 

Paw protectors 

Canine boots will help reduce contact between your canine’s toes and dangerous chemical compounds. Another choice is to make use of paw balm or petroleum jelly to create a protecting layer in your canine’s paw pads. You must nonetheless wash your canine’s paws afterwards to ensure your pooch doesn’t unintentionally lick any chemical compounds left on their paws. Watch our video for tips about becoming your canine for winter boots. 

By minimizing the impression chilly climate and icy circumstances can have in your canine, will probably be a safer, extra gratifying season for everybody! 




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