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What Is an Air Filter?

What Is an Air Filter?


A dirty air filter held over a car engine during general auto maintenance.

An air filter is a component within the consumption path that traps particles and different particles from being sucked right into a automobile’s inner combustion engine (ICE), defending the engine’s internal elements from untimely put on or harm.

An air filter will most usually be manufactured from accordion-folded paper, whether or not the filter is box-like or cylindrical. Reusable filters made out of oiled cotton or artificial fibers could be bought on the aftermarket and are most well-liked by efficiency fanatics wanting extra substantial airflow to the combustion chamber.

Whereas an air filter could be efficient for hundreds of miles, some folks often substitute (or clear, within the case of reusable) it throughout oil modifications, tune-ups, or different service intervals to keep away from neglecting this simply replaceable and forgotten half. If you happen to drive in dusty circumstances typically, you will need to substitute the air filter extra often. Changing an air filter is a straightforward DIY venture on most autos. Substitute air filter costs range from $25 to $200 or extra on specialty or unique autos.

A grimy air filter can result in decreased acceleration and gasoline economic system and elevated emissions, amongst different points on your automobile’s engine.

Whereas vehicles even have cabin air filters, which needs to be changed periodically, it’s the one within the engine bay to which mostly refer.


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