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Nakha Bheda: Which means, Signs, Therapy

Nakha Bheda: Which means, Signs, Therapy


Article by Dr Manasa, BAMS & Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)

Nakhabheda has been talked about as one among the many Vata Nanatmaja Rogas i.e. particular problems that are brought on by solely vata. It’s one amongst eighty such situations.

The phrase Nakahabheda is made up of two phrases –
Nakha – nail
Bheda – splitting, breaking, cracks in

So, Nakhabheda is a situation in which there’s cracking or splitting within the nail. It might happen on one nail or many nails.

Causative components of Nakha Bheda

Vata Prakopa – extreme aggravation or imbalance of vata is the primary trigger for the splits and cracks to happen within the nail or nails or for ‘breaking of nails’.

Beneath talked about are the causative components which might trigger aggravation of vata which in flip may cause nakha bheda –

  • damage to the nails,
  • consumption of extreme dry or non-unctuous meals,
  • use of much less fat or completely avoiding every kind of fat from meals,
  • extreme publicity to chilly climates or seasons chargeable for vata improve – varsha rtu – monsoon or wet season,
  • extreme publicity to dry local weather,
  • extreme publicity to warmth of solar as in summer season,
  • an excessive amount of manipulation of nails like pairing,
  • habitually scratching the surfaces with nails or biting the nails,
  • deficiency of diet resulting in rasa dhatu kshaya – lower of rasa tissue,

The asthi connection

Nakha – nails are the mala i.e. excreta or waste product or appendages of bone tissue. So, the bone and nail well being are interrelated. Due to this fact when bone tissue is vitiated or contaminated, the nails are additionally stricken.

केश लोम नख श्मश्रु दोषाः च अस्थि प्रदोषजाः॥(च.सू.२८/१६)

Deformities or illnesses of hairs, physique hairs – together with problems of hair roots and pores and skin pores, nails & nail-bed and moustache are counted by Grasp Charaka amongst asthi pradoshaja rogas i.e. illness occurring on account of contamination of bones. So, when there’s contamination or longstanding illnesses of the bones, nail deformities could happen as signs or problems.

Causes for asthivaha sroto dushti – vitiation of bone transporting channels

व्यायामात् अति संक्षोभात् अस्थ्नां अति विघट्टनात्।
अस्थिवाहीनि दुष्यन्ति वातलानां च सेवनात्॥(च.वि.५/१७)

The contamination of asthivaha srotas is induced on account of –

  • Vyayama – indulgence in extreme train
  • Ati sankshobha – extreme irritation (of nails on this context)
  • Asthi vighattana – bones being crushed and subjected to repeated trauma
  • Vatala ahara – extreme consumption of vata aggravating meals

These can develop into oblique causes for nakha bheda.

Pathogenesis of Nakha Bheda

When vata will increase, the dryness and roughness qualities of vata additionally naturally improve within the physique. These elevated attributes of vata can in flip trigger dryness and roughness in any a part of the physique. When this happens within the nails, the nails would lose their pure moistness and begin getting dry and brittle. When this isn’t addressed or uncared for it might result in cracks, splitting and breaking of nails.

Therapy of Nakha Bheda

Nidana Parivarjana – avoidance of causative components is among the necessary methods in treating nakha bheda. Affected person ought to keep away from vata aggravating components, manipulating and mishandling nails, making use of unknown colours or chemical substances to the nails and any recognized causative or set off components.

Treating Vata – Aggravation of vata needs to be managed and its steadiness achieved by use of vata balancing meals, actions and medicines. Common consumption of vata mitigating snehas – medicated ghee or oil and correct hydration will preserve the nails moist, unctuous and wholesome.

On the strains of ‘therapy of asthivaha sroto dushti’

अस्थि आश्रयाणां व्याधीनां प्ञ्चकर्मणि भेषजम्।
वस्तयः क्षीर सर्पिषि तिक्त कोप हितानि च॥(च.सू.२८/२७)

The vitiation / contamination of bone carrying channels and the illnesses ensuing therein needs to be handled by the administration of –

1. Panchakarma – 5 cleaning remedies skillfully administered as and when wanted. They embody –

  • Vamana – therapeutic emesis
  • Virechana – therapeutic purgation
  • Asthapana Vasti – decoction enemas
  • Anuvasana Vasti – oil enemas and
  • Nasya – nasal treatment

All therapies might not be wanted for asthi bheda. If nakha bheda is induced on account of contamination of bone channels and bone deformities and illnesses, these therapies will come in useful.

2. Vasti – Medicated enemas – for vata balancing and controlling it at its root.

3. Tikta ksheera and sarpi – Milk and or ghee processed with medicines having bitter style needs to be administered. That is stated to be one of the best medication for illnesses of bone and bone marrow. Together with these tissues, these enemas can even have a therapeutic impact on the nails and would assist to maintain them wholesome.

Trendy Correlation of Nakha Bheda

A situation referred to as as ‘brittle nails’ might be in comparison with nakha bheda.

The most typical causes for brittle nails are damage, trauma or harm to the nails, extreme publicity of nails to toxins in nail polish and to extremes of cold and warm climate. All these causes result in vata aggravation and may trigger nakha bheda.

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