Home Drone ADU 01251: Mavic 2 EA vs Mavic 3 – is the Mavic 2 EA a great purchase?

ADU 01251: Mavic 2 EA vs Mavic 3 – is the Mavic 2 EA a great purchase?

ADU 01251: Mavic 2 EA vs Mavic 3 – is the Mavic 2 EA a great purchase?


In the present day’s present is concerning the battle of the Mavics – the Mavic 2 Enterprise Twin Superior vs the Mavic 3.

Our query for right now is from James, who wish to know if the Mavic 2 EA is a greater possibility and if DJI is shifting its product technique to enterprise drones.

We begin off the episode discussing the current evolution of Mavic drones and talk about the options of the brand new M30 drone from DJI. we talk about the various differing options in these 3 drones from building of drones to lenses and resolutions.

We then talk about DJI’s product line up and innovation technique and if DJI is shifting slowly in the direction of the enterprise version route and what it means for drone pilots. We then look into product options and pricing components that pilots take into account when buying a drone and when evaluating drones in the marketplace.

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[05:02] In the present day’s query on Mavic 2 Enterprise DA – Is the Mavic 2 EDA a great purchase?
[07:22] Is DJI shifting to newer Enterprise gear?
[08:08] Does the brand new DJI M30 take enterprise drones to a brand new stage?

[11:35] Components that affect drone buying selections


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